What is Parrot Partners?

Parrot Partners is a registered charitable organization (Charity 810688135RR0001) that runs a public education, parrot training and adoption aviary for parrots.

Along with increasing public awareness, we provide parrot training workshops to veterinary technicians, future and current parrot owners, pet sitters and crossover trainers.

Our Services

Parrot Boarding

Parrot Boarding

Going away on vacation and want to leave your Parrots in a safe and secure environment like our aviary?

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Parrot Parties

Parrot Education and Parties

Spending time with the parrots is so much fun, you will not believe how much you learn! We throw some amazing parties. We throw parties for any occasion - birthdays, corporate functions, school events, etc.

Whether you'd like to have an event/birthday party at our aviary or on the road, we are flexible.

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Parrot Troopers

Parrot Trooper

Parrot Troopers training pairs parrots waiting for adoption with people ages 13 and up who want to learn how to train animals using positive reinforcement (the same training used in zoos, aquariums, and exotic rehabilitation centers).

Parrot Troopers undergo 10 hours of training divided into 4 sessions. Our continuous enrollment format allows you to beign as soon as you are ready.

Classes are held on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 
4 pm to 6 pm.

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Camps and PD Days

Welcome to the wonderful world of parrots!  They are so very excited to hear that you are thinking of joining us!  We have 30+ parrots on site that would love to have you come and work with them.  If you would like to register for our current summer camps, please click on Learn More

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Advanced Training

Advanced Training

We offer a variety of courses and camps where you can learn advanced handling and training skills. You can improve the skills you learn from our Parrot Trooper program and work towards becoming either a Master Trainer and/or a Troop Leader.

We also offer:

  • Individual Parrot Training
  • Individual Pet Training

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Summer Fun!

Parrot Relinquishment

No one understands how hard the upkeep of a parrot can be than us.

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