Leave a Lasting Legacy

Many of our supporters leave it to specialized centers like us to handle their parrots in the case of their passing. If you plan on doing so, learn about the seven ways you can leave a Legacy Gift. Before you do that, check out this video that explains what Legacy Giving or "Planned Giving" is

Seven Ways to Plan Your Legacy Gift

Parrot Partners Canada encourages you to speak with your financial planner to discuss which type of Gift Planning best suits your individual needs and goals.

Option 1

Gift of Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable remainder trusts provide flexibility when planning your Estate and offer a means of directing your assets and making future gifts to a charitable organization you support, such as Parrot Partners Canada.

A charitable remainder trust can be funded with cash, securities or real estate. Assets are placed with a trustee —an individual or entity capable of man­aging the trust expertly. You receive the income generated by the assets in trust, according to the terms set out at the time the trust is established. The capital remains intact, however, and Parrot Partners receives the amount you placed in trust after your death. It is also possible to establish a trust that provides income to your surviving spouse. In this instance, the property would pass to Parrot Partners only after both spouses have died.

Because charitable remainder trusts are irrevocable gifts, the donor is usually entitled to a donation receipt when the trust is created. The receipt amount is based on the present value of the re­­­­­­­­­­mainder interest (usually 20 - 60% of the value of the property), determined by the fair market value of the assets, interest rates, the donor’s age, and the specifics or duration of the trust.

A financial advisor can help you determine how to establish a trust that best suits your wishes and circumstances.

Option 2

Include a Charitable Gift in Your Will

Two simple ways that you can put a charitable gift in your will.

Option 3

Gift of Life Insurance

Many people find that a Gift of Life Insurance provides an affordable way to support Parrot Partners.

Option 4

Gift of Property

You can choose to give property. 

Fair Market Value: Charitable tax receipts can be given for established fair market value at the time of the transfer of the property.  An independent evaluation may be required to determine fair market value.

Parrot Partners recommends that you consult a financial and/or legal advisor before making these important decisions.

For more information on how you can give a Gift of Property to Parrot Partners, please contact Judith Tennant at judith@parrotpartner.com

Option 5

Donate RRSPs and RRIFs

Option 6

Gift of Stock and Securities

Parrot Partners gratefully receives gifts in the form of securities such as stocks and mutual funds. These securities must be transferred first to Parrot Partners, not cashed in, to receive the tax benefits.

Determining when and how to make a Gift of Securities and which securities to donate, will depend on your personal choice.

If you are considering making a gift via the transfer of securities we will provide you with a Letter of Direction for your broker to use in transferring the securities.  Please contact Judith Tennant a copy of our securities transfer form and more information.

Option 7

Charitable Gift Annuities

A Parrot Partners charitable gift annuity offers you the ability to make a significant gift while enjoying income for life that is largely tax exempt. 

Note: This is a gift type suited to people who are 65 years or better.

How a Charitable Gift Annuity Works



The information outlined above is not intended as legal or financial advice.  

It is not the intention of Parrot Partnerss to provide legal or financial advice.  Parrot Partnerss recommends you discuss estate planning with your family, lawyer and/or financial planner. Legal and financial advisors can help you derive the most significant advantage from your gifts. We will be happy to work with your advisors to help you plan for tomorrow and receive maximum benefits today.

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