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Our Mission

Improve the quality of life for parrots in the wild and in our homes through humane and professional rehabilitation, training, and through educating the next generation of owners and social influencers.

Did you know?

In North America parrots are the third most popular pet after cats and dogs.

Unlike cats and dogs, however, parrots are not domesticated and are still wild animals.

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It takes a village of compassionate, generous citizens to care for, rehabilitate, and find the best possible homes for our parrots.  Veterinary care is one of our largest, and least predictable expenses. Your one-time, monthly, or legacy donation helps us return parrots to health, reshape problem behaviours, find the best possible adoptive home, and provide that home with continued support.

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By helping Parrot Partners, you are helping intelligent, long-lived creatures find their next home!

Meet Our Flock

Our Services

Parrot Boarding

Going away on vacation and want to leave your Parrots in a safe and secure environment like our aviary?

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Educational Events and Birthday Parties

Are you looking for an entertaining idea for your next birthday or event? Look no further. Parrot Parties are unique, bright, colorful, fun and educational!

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Training and Consultation

We offer a variety of training programs to meet peoples needs.  We offer Parrot Trooper training which pairs parrots waiting for adoption with people ages 13+ who want to learn how to train animals using positive reinforcement.  We also offer new parrot ownership training, and advanced training techniques.

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Parrot Adoption

We take re-homing very seriously and do our best to ensure that we are placing our feathered friends, not just in any home, but in the best possible home.  Please click Learn More to learn how you can adopt one of our parrots.

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Volunteer Your Time

Make a difference in the life of a parrot by joining our passionate volunteer team!

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