Displaced and neglected parrots need your help more than ever!

The primary focus of the funds raised through donations go towards the veterinary expenses required to bring in relinquished and rescued parrots.

The care and rehabilitation of a single parrot is approximately 2.5 times more costly than that of a single cat or dog. This is due to the fact parrots can carry transmittable diseases which cannot be vaccinated against, and can only be detected through diagnostic tests.

In comparison to dog and cat adoption centers, parrot adoption facilities require stringent air filtration and cleaning standards due to their delicate respiratory systems. Parrot adoption centers also require more square footage per animal. The Parrots also need to be interacted with and handled on a regular basis if they are to retain their hand tameness.

Why we do what we do!

Did you know?

Humane Societies will only accept the smallest of the companion parrots, leaving the care and rescue of medium to large sized parrots to specialized centers like Parrot Partners.

What should be understood is that specialized centers like us do not receive financial support form the Humane Society.

The parrots in our care rely totally on the kindness and generosity of donors and volunteers such as you!

Other ways to Donate

Purchase and Donate Supplies from our 'Wish List' of items

To provide our Parrots with food, medical care, as well as to properly train them for socialization, we almost exclusively rely on our donations from the general public. If you would like to purchase and donate supplies that will go towards the well being of our Parrots, you can follow this link to go to our Supplies Wish List or our wishlist!

Legacy giving

If you need to make arrangements for your parrot in the event of your passing, please follow this link and learn about leaving a lasting legacy.

Host a Parrot Party

When you host a parrot party, not only do you get the great experience of hosting one of our amazing parties, but you get to support our work here at Parrot Partners.

Learn more about our parties by clicking here.