Volunteer with Parrot Partners!

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Sincerely, thank you for your interest in volunteering with us. Without our volunteers, Parrot Partners would not exist!

We have found that people and animals are happiest when they are doing what they are good at doing. We need volunteers for almost anything and everything you could imagine, so please do not limit yourself to parrot care, while that may be a continual need.

We have a variety of needs, including:

Parrot Care

  • Food preparation
  • Cleaning
  • Foraging activities
  • Training
  • Reading
  • Singing
  • Dancing with the birds!


  • Paperwork
  • Telephone contacts
  • Website Updates
  • Organization

Awareness & Education

  • Community Marketing
  • Aviary Tours
  • Participation in Events!

Creative Arts

  • Feather Art
  • Children's Crafts
  • Toy Making
  • Perch and Stand Creation


  • Shopping
  • Gardening
  • Aviary Maintenance

You name it, we need it!

If there is something not listed but you feel it will contribute to the charity, feel free to list it in your application!

Volunteering hours will be given credit for high school graduation where applicable.

Please, talk to us and see how your time and attention can help our amazing parrots!

Donate your time and talent either in person or virtually (from anywhere in the world) by applying here.