About Us

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Our Vision

To become Canada’s premiere parrot rehabilitation, training, and adoption centre – educating the public on their nature and needs with a goal to increasing respectful and humane interactions with all animals and the earth.

Our Goal

To improve the quality of life of animals by educating the next generation of owners.

Our Values


  • We help misunderstood parrots communicate and we help owners listen.
  • We are committed to the nurture, safety and integrity of all birds and the education of all owners on these principles.
  • We have the education, experience and understanding needed to fulfill the needs and wants of our birds and those belonging to any owner seeking our help.


  • We provide a compassionate, highly enriched, safe and welcoming place for relinquished parrots to land. Many of our limited spaces are dedicated to seniors, terminally ill owners and emergency cases.
  • We provide our parrots with choice, respect their decisions and defend their need to exercise safe control over their environment and their experience.
  • We rebrand the image of older, adoptable parrots away from “broken, damaged, unmanageable and undesirable” to stable companions who come with some very desirable behaviours and professional support.


  • We care about social justice, the ethical treatment of animals and the conservation of natural habitats, and we support organizations who feel the same.
  • We house parrots in as natural a setting as possible while encouraging their expression, and when prudent the humane shaping, of their instinctual behaviours.
  • We have a passion for creating a world where parrots are no longer misunderstood, mishandled or abandoned for expressing natural, instinctual behaviours. 

Our Team

Judy Tennant and Boady

Judy Tennant BA, B.Ed, M.Ed

Executive Director, Founder

Thirty years experience in the fields of business, education and human/animal behaviour. Member in good standing with The International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE). Shelter Affiliate with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC). Judy is responsible for implementing the strategic plan and overseeing the administration of Parrot Partners.  She reports to and works closely with the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Composed of leaders from the business, academic and conservation communities, the board of directors exercises overall responsibility for the policies, programs and direction of Parrot Partners Canada and provides advice and counsel on a broad range of policy and operational matters. The composition of the board is chosen to reflect a diverse range of expertise, with all members having a strong and demonstrated commitment to the humane treatment of animals and conservation. Board members observe and annually sign Parrot Partners Canada’s conflict of interest policy.

Al Orth

Al Orth

Human Resource Director

Associate Vice-Principal Human Resources, Queen’s University (Retired February 2016.) He has served on the Board of Directors of five mid and large size charities. Former part-time MBA faculty member of the School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University. Al provides Parrot Partners with advice and guidance on organizational effectiveness and human resources matters.

Carmen Baru

Carmen Baru, LL.B

Legal Director

An attorney with extensive experience in contract law and litigation, Carmen holds the position of Legal Advisor on Parrot Partners Board of Directors. Carmen is responsible for advising and guiding us in all legal issues but most notably wills, bequeathments, legacy gifts, as well as contract law as it pertains to animals. Carmen also holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature and as a parrot lover and owner she offers support and guidance in our education efforts.

Darin Cowan

Darin Cowan, BSc

IT Director

Darin has thirty years experience as IT security professional, consulting to government, financial, and health care industries, and serving in management positions as both a military officer and in private industry. His extensive knowledge of IT and technology will help in establishing Parrot Partners on-line training. Darin has a BSc in Physics and Computer Science from Royal Roads Military College.  Darin also studies cephalopod biology (squid / octopus / cuttlefish / nautilus) as a hobby.

Leah Travis

Leah Travis, MBA


A senior finance and business consultant with extensive experience in the private, not-for-profit and public sectors. Leah holds the position of Treasurer and is responsible for ensuring that Parrot Partners remain in compliance with CRA and Charities Directorate legislation and guidelines.

Lynn Orth

Lynn Orth


VP of Promotion for Ontario Lacrosse League. Head Coach of the OUA Varsity Women’s Lacrosse team. Named WLU and OUA Coach of the Year. Inducted into the Region of Waterloo Hall of Fame in 2015. Lynn is the secretary of Parrot Partners and lends her expertise in not-for-profit structures and operation.

Mac Voisin

Mac Voisin, B.Eng

Business Strategist / Patron

Co-founder of M&M Meat Shops. Parrot Partners Business Advisor and Chief Parrot Patron.

Marcela Bahar

Marcela Bahar


Award-winning clay and glass artist. Courturie Apprenticed under a national artist. Marcela guides Parrot Partners in all areas of branding, design, merchandising and sales.

Rachel Thibeault

Rachel Thibeault, Ph.D

Therapeutic Programs Director

Rachel brings to Parrot Partners an expertise around therapeutic programs, grounded in practice of positive intentional activites. For her work from over the 35 years, she was granted the title of Officer of the Order of Canada.

Robert Matthews

Robert Matthews


Advisor and Director at Large

Robert is a partner in the architectural firm, N45 ARCHITECTURE, located in Ottawa. His experience includes architectural design and master planning. He has designed a number of award-winning projects including Ottawa City Hall, Nepean City Hall, Ottawa Courthouse, Bell Sensplex, Sens Rink of Dreams, Canada 150 Ice Skating Rink on Parliament Hill, and has donated his time for the Parrot Partners Canada retrofit in Carleton Place. Robert is also guest architectural critic at the school of Architecture at Carleton University and has been guest critic at the School of Architecture, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto Japan.

In 2013 he was awarded the Ottawa General Contractor's Integrity & Ethics Award.

Support and Dedicated Staff

Manda Pennock

Amanda Pennock

Training & Enrichment Coordinator

B.Sc (bachelor of science) in Zoology and a B.Ed Bachelor of education. Member in good standing with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC). Manda is responsible for the training, rehabilitation and enrichment of Parrot Partners parrots.

Angelina Jongepier

Angelina Jongepier

Social Media Coordinator

Working with all team members, Angelina is responsible to create and implement PPC’s Social Media strategy. In addition, she will be instrumental in creating on-line training videos.

Connie Morden

Connie Morden


Connie is responsible for maintaining the financial transactions and books for PPC. She also maintains books for her own business and has other bookkeeping clients.

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Outreach and Events Coordinator

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Robin Eastland

Robin Eastland

Executive Assistant

BScH in Animal Biology from the University of Guelph. Over five years experience in the veterinary field, as well as providing care for exotics and pets in emergency and preventative medical settings. Robin supports the Executive Director and the charity as a whole.

Sharon Lewis

Sharon Lewis

Adoptions Coordinator

Over ten years experience in managing and funding Social Enterprises in the non-profit sector. Sharon is our adoptions coordinator and Human Resources manager.

Holly O'Sullivan

Holly O'Sullivan

Development & Events Coordinator

Holly is responsible for the development of new programs and events at the aviary.  She is also an active volunteer on the floor with bird care.

Anne Draper

Anne Draper

Volunteer Coordinator

Anne is responsible for the recruitment, training and supervision of all volunteers. She maintains the standards and continuity of bird care at Parrot Partners.

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Aviary Assistant