Parrot Troopers

Our Parrot Trooper Program

Parrots are highly intelligent and social creatures whose mental and physical health depends on intellectual stimulation and social engagement. Open to individuals 13 and up, our introductory training program Parrot Troopers provides much needed human interaction for the parrots in our care. To learn more about our program, click here

Advanced Training

Advanced training

Our Advanced Training Programs

We offer a variety of courses and camps where you can learn advanced handling and training skills. You can improve the skills you learn from our Parrot Trooper program and work towards becoming either a Master Trainer and/or a Troop Leader. These courses include:

  • Avian First-Aid & Nutrition
  • Avian Life Enrichment
  • Behavior Modification

Troop Leaders are taught advanced leadership skills such as influencing and managing, human dynamics.

Training Camps

Training Camps have a more intensive schedule designed for those who want to learn a lot in less time.

Camps are run for 3 days, 5 hours a day.

Costs $220 per program

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Individual Training

Individual Parrot Training

While “not enough time” may be valid in our society as the #1 reason for relinquishment, it is more of a reflection of dissatisfaction with the relationship. Either due to unfulfilled expectations, or boredom with the parrot because of the inability of the owner to communicate their wants and needs. These unfulfilled needs of the parrot result in misbehaviour which further weakens the bond. All these issues can be resolved by humane training and environmental enrichment.

The parrot-human relationship challenges both parties intellectual and emotional capacity. More effort is needed to elicit a positive response from these animals. Birds require more consistency to train than dogs and cats and lose pet quality faster when there is no regular interaction.

If you are a new owner of a parrot, you will learn to train and communicate using scientific principles and humane methods to get your relationship off on the right foot. If you are a long-time parrot owner, our teaching approach will help answer the question: ‘what do I do now?!’ or “how do I stop that?!” Miscommunication and unmet expectations will not stress your bond any longer.

If you are interested in signing up for a session, they are formed based on demand.

Individual sessions are $25 per hour and you can contact us here

Individual Pet Training

Clicker training is a proven, science-based way to train and communicate pet training with your pet. It's easier to learn than standard command-based training and you can clicker train any kind of animal. When you trian your pets, you allow them to use their natural abilities, and offer them mental and physical stimulation. Clicker training is lots of fun and it develops and strengthens your bond with your pet.

It is also a tool for you to engage in more activities with your pet and improve your pets behaviour.

Classes are formed based on demand.

Individual sessions are $25 per hour.

If you are interested in booking a session, you can contact us here

Rescue Training

Why Train Animals Waiting for Adoption?

The principles of humane training you will learn with us apply to ANY animal under any circumstance. Tiger, dolphin, cat, or guppy, it makes no difference. We take our students to different rescues to experience training non-traditional species of animals such as pigs, ponies, and cats. Our aviary houses relinquish parrots, many of whom are waiting for adoption. They will also figure prominently in the training.

Using unfamiliar species and settings benefits your learning experience as much as it benefits the rescued animal's psychological and physical well being.Positive reinforcement has a great deal of value to relinquished and displaced animals. Significant gains can be accomplished in relatively little time. These gains disrupt unwanted behaviour and increase the animals’ chances for adoption, all while increasing your skills in animal communication and training.