$500 Honorary Adoption Package


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Cuddly 8” Hyacinth Macaw Parrot Toy Two remote ‘nut drop’ experiences with your choice of parrot(s) added to your 30-minute ‘meet & greet’ Social Media Patron ‘shout out’ Four-hundred-dollar tax receipt Tax on $100 ($13.00) ALSO INCLUDES these items from the $250 package: Cuddly 8” Scarlet Macaw Parrot Toy Calendar Poster featuring parrots from Parrot Partners Canada 30-minute private live stream (or in-person tour for five people) ‘meet & greet’ hosted by a senior caregiver and attended by your adopted parrot and two of his parrot friends 60-minute unguided live stream of your adopted parrot during mealtime Parrot Colouring Book Adoption Certificate Private link to two pre-recorded, personalized ‘meet & greet’ thank-you & training progress videos featuring your adopted parrot Biofact Sheet ‘Squawk Squad’ Decal/Stickers