Parrot Partners Canada Privacy Policies

These privacy policies apply to information collected by Parrot Partners Canada (PPC) about individuals who interact with our organization. It explains what personal information we collect and how we use it.

In general, personal Information is information about you that identifies you as an individual. For example, personal information can include your name, address, e-mail address or telephone number, and credit or debit card information.

PPC collects personal information that you voluntarily provide to us through responses to surveys, search functions, questionnaires, feedback forms, registrations, donations, website use, etc. PPC may also ask you to provide other information if you want to obtain additional services, participate in a contest, request references for training or parrot boarding, or to resolve concerns.

If you have any comments or questions about these policies, feel free to contact us using the details in Contact section, below.

Parrot Partners Canada (PPC) is committed to policies that respect and value your privacy. This statement summarizes the privacy policies that PPC currently applies to supporters, donors and participants in PPC activities as well as volunteers and employees.

All personal information, whether compiled electronically or manually, online or in printed documents, is subject to these privacy policies. The daily administrative management of personal information is also subject to these policies. In all cases, the spirit of respect for, and protection of, personal information will guide the ethical behavior of those at PPC who are in contact with personal information.

In summary:

  • PPC will not share, disclose or otherwise distribute to third parties any personal information provided for the purposes of communication with PPC, except for those uses shown in Section 3 below;
  • PPC may send marketing communications to those who have requested information from PPC, participated in its activities, or have made a donation;
  • PPC will, from time to time, use personal contact information to respond to requests for information, provide newsletters, and to update and describe services and activities;
  • PPC will provide an “opt out” link with each electronic communication. Recipients can also opt out from receiving any PPC communications by contacting PPC, in writing or by phone, at any time. (Reference Appendix A.)
  • You can ask us to stop sending you marketing or fundraising messages at any time by following the opt-out links on any such message sent to you, or by contacting us directly at any time.
  • PPC will not share, disclose or otherwise distribute to a third party, other than as required by law, any personal information provided for the purposes of employment or volunteering with PPC.

1. Personal Information that PPC processes:

PPC assumes a person’s active consent to use personal contact information when the individual in question voluntarily provides this contact information to PPC. Such voluntarily disclosed contact information includes, but is not be limited to name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and social media identifiers. .

In addition to contact information, PPC may also collect credit or debit card information.

Please Note: Financial information collected by third-party online payment services (PayPal, Canada Helps, Eventzilla, etc.) is governed by the privacy policies of those services. PPC is not privy to information collected by such services.

We may also collect and retain information necessary to facilitate our provision of services to you, such as information about your living conditions, other individuals residing in your household, relevant health information, financial situation, or testamentary planning.

2. How PPC uses your information:

PPC uses contact information to:

  • Inform individuals about the activities of PPC including various parrot-related services, information and activities;
  • Provide customized services, such as adoption assessments, behavioural consultations, training, boarding or relinquishment;
  • Provide other information of interest to parrot owners and those concerned with their welfare;
  • To request donations and other support for PPC.

Credit or debit card information collected by PPC is used to process donations and purchasing transactions.

Please note: Opting out of any or all of the above communications or uses is an option at any time. Please refer to Section 4.

3. When PPC shares your information:

Private information will only be shared with a third party when:

  • PPC is using a third party purely for the purposes of processing data on our behalf and we have in place a data processing agreement with that third party that fulfills all legal obligations in relation to the use of third party data processors;
  • PPC is required by law to share your data.

4. How long PPC keeps your information:

PPC endeavors to minimize the amount of personal information collected and stored.

Where PPC directly collects credit or debit card information, this information will be retained only for the duration necessary for the stated purpose..

PPC will retain personal contact information until consent is withdrawn. This consent may be revoked at any time. PPC commits to making this revocation easy and straightforward in the spirit of protecting personal privacy.

Online communications will include an “unsubscribe” opt-out link.

Any person who has provided their personal contact information to PPC has the right to access their information and ask for correction or deletion of that information at any time. Information may be corrected or deleted by sending PPC written or electronic mail. Please refer to contact information provided in the Contact section, below.


A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that is downloaded on to your computer when you visit a website.

Cookies are used by many websites and can do a number of things, for example, remembering your preferences, recording what you have put in your shopping basket, and counting the number of people looking at a website.

Use of PPC’s website implies consent to the use of cookies and the information they provide. Users of the PPC website, and any other, are able to delete cookies through their browser at any time.

5. Modifications to PPC’s Privacy Policies:

PPC may modify these privacy policies from time to time and will publish the most current version on its website.

PPC will take all reasonable measures to protect personal information from loss, theft, or unauthorized use. Internal protective procedures include:

  • Supervised locked storage of inventoried hardcopy documents containing personal information;
  • Digital and on-line safeguards including security software, passwords, encryption and firewalls;
  • Limiting access on a “need-to-know” basis, staff training;
  • Possibly future methods to be developed.

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