Special Tours and Events

Please be advised that Parrot Partners Canada will be closed to public tours due to the spread of avian influenza in Ontario. This decision is based on advice from our veterinary advisors. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our birds and we are taking proactive steps to prevent the spread of this dangerous disease.
Our on-line/virtual tours are still available, and you are invited to book a Parrot Pandemonium Tour here.
We thank you for your continued support and patience during this time and we will keep you updated as the situation progresses.
If you would like more information on avian influenza and how you can help protect our feathered friends click here.
Thank you

Yoga With Parrots

Parrot Partners Canada and Aruma are teaming up. Come enjoy a unique experience doing Yoga with Parrots! These amazing animals provide you with a true rainforest feel and a connection to the wild. While enjoying this transforming experience, you will also be helping Parrots in need. All proceeds from this event go directly back to Parrots awaiting new homes.

This event includes a 30 min tour of Parrot Partners Canada facility, where you can meet over 37 different parrots. Then relax in the Rainforest Grand Aviary for one and a half hours of Yoga Session with Bobbi McDougall from Aruma.ca.

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Photography Tours

Our photography tours must be booked in advance and have a capacity of 5 people. This allows us to prioritize the safety and happiness of both the parrots and our guests! Parrot Partners utilizes tours to socialize, rehabilitate, and help train our parrots, while also educating the public and providing a fun experience for our guests.

If cute, and feathery wildlife photography is your passion then capture life through a lens on one of our unique Parrot Partners Canada Photography Experiences.

Whatever your ability or interest in photography, whether you want to learn to take better photographs, or are a seasoned professional looking for new subjects, our NEW Photography Experience is a must. We offer an exclusive experience with ourin-housephotographer, Paul Grant, within a rainforest setting. You’ll have the opportunity to capture some spectacular images of exotic parrots.

Your photography experience:

During your visit you will have the opportunity to interact with the parrots and photograph these amazing birds. This experience is for all level of photographers. For those who would like some tips or pointers, our in-house photographer Paul will be with you for the entire session and will provide guidance on how to capture beautiful images of our feathered friends.

Our unique environment provides the ability to photograph these beautiful birds up close, no need for a long telephoto lens. The recommended lens/focal lengths based on a full frame body are 24-70mm, 24-105mm, 70-200mm and any Macro lens. Any zoom or fix focal length in these ranges will work well, however zoom lens offers more versatility in this setting. Because of the proximity to the birds, longer focal legs are not recommended. Limited use of flash, tripods and monopods will be permitted. If you have any questions on what equipment to bring, please contact us we will be happy to assist you.

About Parrot Partners’ lead photographer:

Paul took photography from a pastime to a dedicated passion when he retired in 2014. His two main focus areas are studio portraiture and capturing wildlife in their environment. Paul has taken creative lighting and portrait workshops in New York City and has studied under several well-known post processing gurus which has allowed him to develop his own image style. Paul has been a Parrot Partners volunteer since February 2017. You can findPaul, @PaulGrant Photography on Facebook.

Each photography experience group is limited to 5 people and will last approximately 1.5 hours. Sessions cost $20 per person and are available by booking in advance only. If you have questions, or would like to book your spot, please contact: info@parrotpartners.org

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We cannot accept walk-ins; tours must be scheduled in advance.
Please bring your ticket(s) on the day of the tour.
Please refrain from wearing open toed shoes, loose jewelry, and heavy scents.
Parrots are quite loud and may cause discomfort for those with extreme noise sensitivity (earplugs and earmuffs can be provided).
We are not a nut free facility.
Parrots produce dust from their feathers and this may irritate those with allergies.