Meet Kiwi

Meyer's Parrot • 19 yrs old (2021) • Male • medium

Tango and Echo

About Kiwi

Like most Meyers Parrots, Kiwi is a fun-loving large personality in a small body. Kiwi is DNA tested male and hatched in 2002. He is a whistling champ and will happily teach you to whistle along with him. He loves to make silly noises to get your attention.

Kiwi is on a quality pellet diet and loves a good bowl of fresh food daily. He loves his out of cage time and will benefit from a home able to provide lots of supervised play around the house.

While Kiwi can be adopted to a family with parrots, he can get feisty and will do best in a home where his free time is without other parrots to bother him. Kiwi is well socialized to humans and would be an entertaining add addition to the family, however, it is important to control environmental triggers to prevent him from being hormonal. Unfortunately, people do not always realize that they are still wild animals and have not been domesticated. Please keep in mind that even captive-bred parrots such as the Poicephalus family have very specialized needs and are still wild animals.

Please note: Kiwi is not a resident of Parrot Partners Canada but is being rehomed through our rehoming-adoption services.

Interested in Kiwi? Visit our ADOPTION PROCESS page.