Meet Archie

Blue-fronted Amazon • ~35 yrs old (2021) • Male • Large

Tango and Echo

About Archie

My name is Archie, and I am an older gentleman in search of someone who I can spend my golden years with.

When I was a very young man, about 35 years ago, I came to live with my family. As happens with families, children grow up and move away. Over the last several years, they have done their best to keep me close, but I have moved around between a few temporary homes. I am a resilient bird and never during this time have I pulled out my feathers or shown signs of stress. I am such a handsome man and very proud of my beautiful feathers - I have never pulled them out.

As a hot-blooded Amazon, I prefer spending my time with women (blondes, especially), and can become jealous of their human male friends. I have lived in the same house as other parrots, but I generally ignore them. Once I am bonded with someone, I can be very loving and like to come out of my cage for showers or a cuddle with my human and love to walk around on the floor exploring, but if I am not bonded with you - keep your fingers at a safe distance.

I am a picky eater (my humans have come up with a personalized seed and parrot food diet that meets my refined tastes), but I love human food especially rice and beans (I am South American, after-all). I am quiet and reflective during the day, but I do love to be talked to and will answer with my little "oh?" sounds, and will come over and bow my head for a good scratch when I'm in the mood. At breakfast and dinner I get frisky, ring my bell and can be a bit loud with my happy noises. I don't speak English, despite my family's best efforts.

Please note: Archie is not a resident of Parrot Partners Canada but is being rehomed through our rehoming-adoption services.

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