Meet Val'kierna (Val), Darling, and Scorch

Green Cheek Conures • ~4-5 yr old (2022) • Female (DNA) • Small

Tango and Echo

About Val, Darling, and Scorch

Val'Kierna (aka Val), Darling, and Scorch are looking for a new home together as a bonde flock! All three are ~4-5 years old, DNA tested female, Green Cheek Conures. All three readily eat a healthy diet of pellets and fresh fruits and vegetables (especially berries!) and a probiotic. Approximately 4-5 years old, current owners found them outside and searched for their home while providing excellent care and are now looking to find their forever home(s). They have also had veterinary care ~1 visit/year.

They have the potential to be wonderful companions once they have adjusted to their new home and family. All three are fine with being handled and learned a basic indoor recall command “To me” very quickly. They’re a bit rusty, but it goes to show with attention and consistency, they are very intelligent and I’m sure could learn a whole host of tricks. All three love to run around in cardboard boxes and chew them up. Scorch has learned to mimic a garbled “Hey!” “Hi.” And “No”. All three mimic the squeaky door and microwave beep. It’s very funny. They like to shower, LOVE baths, and Val will fall asleep on your arm in the shower with you.

They sleep covered and love to explore the floor, going into all sorts of nooks and crannies. Val in particular loves bookshelves and will run around it chirping while rubbing her beak on book spines. Val is happy to push her head behind your ear or in your hair and sleep on your shoulder when she’s not trying to preen you.

They love it when you sing, and will all bob their heads and even try to join in. With patience and care, they’d make a wonderful family flock. They have gone from unfortunate circumstances to safe and are learning to trust again.

Please note: Val, Darling, and Scorch are not part of Parrot Partners Canada flock but are being rehomed through our Community Adoptions Program that follows the same adoption requirements.

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