Meet Tweety

Lovebird • Gender unknown • 4 years old • shy •


About Tweety

Tweety is an approximately 4-year old lovebird who is relatively shy.  Tweety loves to sing during the day but is quiet overnight.  Tweety has been kept with other lovebirds in the past but has lived alone since 2017.

Tweety eats premium seed, vegetable and fruit mix by Living World.  Tweety doesn't seem to like fresh fruit but should be encouraged to try more healthy foods such as pellets, fresh fruit and vegetables, or 'chop'.  Unfortunately, her previous owner has moved into a nursing home, so Tweety is looking for her next wonderful home.  Please contact Christine today if you would like to be considered as Tweety's new family.

Adoption Fee: $40.00 which includes cage & stand and all perches and toys.  Please contact Christine at 613-623-9331 or email at   

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