Meet Tango and Echo

Parrotlets • ~1 yr old (2021) • Male • Small

Tango and Echo

About Tango and Echo

Tango and Echo are looking for a new home! Both are ~1 year old, male, Hybrid Spectacle Pacific Parrotlets, brothers from the same clutch. They live together in the same cage but love spending time outside the cage together. They have never had their wings clipped and enjoy flying around their present home. They are not fully socialized and are looking for a home that can provide more one on one attention. They enjoy climbing their ropes, taking baths in their water bowls and grooming each other. Both Tango and Echo love their seeds, pellets, fruit and veggies but really enjoy raspberries, blueberries and coleslaw (hold the dressing). Despite the odd argument, they are very quiet birds. We would very much like to have them rehomed together as they been together since birth. We have 2 cages (18"x18"x26"), feeding dishes and toys that will go with Tango and Echo. Please note: Tango & Echo are not residents of Parrot Partners Canada but are being rehomed through our rehoming-adoption services.

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