Meet Sweetie

Lovebird • Young • 2 years old • female •


About Sweetie

Sweetie is a female peach-faced lovebird who is very curious and social once she warms up to you. Sweetie likes coming out of her cage to play and to check people out, chewing on their hair and riding on their head or shoulders. Sweetie likes her toys and play structure, pulls on bells to ring them, and tosses little ball toys with bells in them.

Sweetie is very lively and interactive, bold, bright and trainable. If you offer her a long wooden dowel, Sweetie will step-up onto it, and it can also be used to tap on the coconut shell house in the cage - that sound prompts Sweetie to go back inside the cage. Sweetie is also well-feathered and loves her seed mix. Sometimes she likes lettuce, and she should be encouraged to try more healthy foods such as pellets, fresh fruit and vegetables, or ‘chop’. Please contact Parrot Partners today if you would like to be considered as Sweetie’s next wonderful home.

Please note: Sweetie is not a resident of Parrot Partners Canada but is being rehomed through our rehoming-adoption services.

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