Meet Sammi

Goffin's Cockatoo • ~9 yrs old (2021) • Male • medium


About Sammi

Hi, I’m Sammi, an adult male goffin cockatoo hatched around 2012. I love to play on the cargo nets, as well as do a few laps of flying!

I am a picky eater with healthy fruits and veg, but I love to forage, dance, and play! You may even convince me to eat something healthy if you add it to my birdie bread, or if work on your culinary presentation skills! Haha, almost kidding… but I do need patience in convincing me to eat healthy. Maybe you’ll be the one to make a resolution to work on this together! I like trying what my family is eating, so that is a great start. And if it is no interest to me, we can always dance, right?

If you think you can keep up with my gregarious nature, my brainy good wits, socializing, and entertainment needs, please review our adoption process and submit an application! I’m looking for a family with lots of time to spare and who will include me in their activities!

Thanks for stopping by!

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