Meet Kiwi

Green Cheeked Conure • Adult (~10 yrs, 2021)• Gender Unk. • Small


About Kiwi

Favourite activities: He loves to be perched on a shoulder while you do basic tasks and activities; observes through windows; destroying toilet paper rolls & any cardboard; pushing objects off of counters and playing with bells and balls. He also enjoys flying up and down the stairs and walking around the house on his own (supervised as he tends to want to go into tight spaces).

Favourite foods and treats: he loves apples, peppers (all types), pepper seeds, broccoli, carrots, pears, sunflower seeds & cheerios. He is also attracted to coffee and liquor and will try to get it from you but does not consume any.

Routine: He is covered at approximately 7:30PM each night and is uncovered at 8-9AM. He is usually given two or three bowls of fruits and vegetables throughout the day, one in the morning. When he is put to bed he usually gets a sunflower seed after being covered.

Personality: He is a very loving but eccentric bird. He has some aggression issues which I believe are from his previous owners (I found him at a bird fair with some feather plucking). He is very easily frightened by noise and will fly off if scared. He does have some issues with anxiety and being separated, however after around 10-20 minutes he will calm down. He loves being pet and will cuddle your hand once he knows you. He does not like having his feet touched. He is also very playful and will roam around with you if you give him the opportunity. There is some work that needs to be done to train him, he knows how to step up and most of the time he will give you some warning before he poops (pointing to cage or assuming the stance and waiting for a bit). He is very loud but does not scream extremely often, excluding hormonal periods.

Any special care required: He needs someone who is able to devote a lot of their time to training him, playing with him, and providing him with love and attention. He also needs someone who is patient and calm and will not act rashly if he does bite, and will instead try to pinpoint his triggers.

Medical or testing history: His last 6 month check up was in December 2020, and he is going to get another one in May-June. He has no health issues as of May 8th and I will update if anything comes up. He tends to have a low amount of healthy bacteria which can be helped with a supplement powder added onto his fresh foods. He has not been tested for chlamydia or anything of that sort before. He is of healthy weight. He does not have his wings clipped. His veterinary clinic is the Lynwood Animal Hospital in Bell’s Corner, Ottawa.

Stories/fun facts/words: He rolls on his belly when playing with his toys sometimes, and enjoys licking wine glasses for some reason. I recommend filling a wine glass with water and letting him play with it. If you tsk he will usually do it back to you, and he will sometimes say “Hey kiwi!” when excited. He will react to music (some songs from the movie Coming to America). He enjoys being outside (in a cage) and is very observant of other birds. He will react to laundry machine jingles and loves to be on top of them while they are running (he can also perch on you while you do your laundry!).

Please note: Kiwi is not a resident of Parrot Partners Canada but is being rehomed through our rehoming-adoption services.

If you have a place in your heart and home for Kiwi, visit the ADOPTION PROCESS page!

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