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Amazon • Adult • Male • Large


About Elmo

Hi there! My name is Elmo and I’m a 20 year old male, yellow-headed Amazon. I’m not the boy for a first time owner. I’m rambunctious and randy so its best if I join a family that knows about Amazons and our “hot South American’ temperaments!

My original family was a young single woman who loved me very much and I loved her (when I’m relaxed I still like to say “I love you baby. You’re such a pretty boy”.) My lady died of cancer and asked her veterinary technician friend to take care of me. Her friend accepted with the best of intentions but we didn’t count on me going into sexual maturity and missing my lady so much, and not liking the move so I wasn’t well behaved back then. In fact my lady’s friend received noise complaints and threats of eviction because of my screaming. I was a bad Elmo 🙁

But not any longer! Judy at Parrot Partner says I’ve really ‘upped my game’. I don’t know what that means, but I like the sound of it! I know I hardly ever scream anymore, I talk and I sing alot. I haven’t bitten in a while and I get along with the other birds. I think its because I like my big open room and the other birds. I would like a family though, Do you think you might be the right owner for me?

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Important Note - Prefers a home without small children (< 5 years old)

Video of Elmo

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