Meet Cheeky

Green Cheek Conure • Young Male • Small


About Cheeky

Cheeky & Sprite are looking for a new home! It is not mandatory that they go to the same home, as they are not a bonded pair, though a home with no predatory pets is a must (cats, dogs, ferrets, etc.) Please note: Cheeky and Sprite are not residents of Parrot Partners Canada but are being rehomed through us.

Cheeky loves to say, “Hi Cheeky” rather than contact call, and even asks for scratches by saying “Scratchy”. Cheeky is very social and playful and enjoys a good playfight with his favourite toy: a toothbrush. Cheeky can be a bit of a bully with his current house-mate, Sprite. Both Cheeky and Sprite will come with their day-time and night-time cages. They also have been trained to step up, as well as the que “fluffy” to poop before spending time out of their cages. They love blueberries, fruit, and parrot-safe plants to nibble. Cheeky is not a big fan of vegetables, though they should still be offered. Though they may bite strangers, they are much gentler once they know you as family. They also enjoy spending 2-5hrs out of their cages daily and taking showers with their owner.

If you are interested in meeting Cheeky, please see our ADOPTION PROCESS page!

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