Meet Captain & Sammy

Lovebirds • Gender: male • approx 4 years old


About Captain and Sammy

Captain (blue), and Sammy (green), are looking for a new home! Both are male parrotlets, around 4 years old. They live in separate cages, but like to spend time out together, and their veterinarian did recommend they are rehomed together. They both like one on one attention, and love fruit and vegetables, but especially pomegranate, peas and corn on cob.

Sammy loves time out of the cage to socialize and is not as interested in toys. Sammy should continue to be encouraged to forage and be provided with toys and enrichment.

Captain loves a variety of toys and needs enrichment to discourage him from feather destructive behaviour.

Please note: Captain & Sammy are not residents of Parrot Partners Canada but are being rehomed through our rehoming-adoption services.

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