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Cockatoo • Adult • Male • Medium


About Bella

Hi, thanks for stopping by! I’m Bella, and I’m a male Goffin Cockatoo. My previous home called me Bella thinking I was a girl. I guess because I’m just so good looking! I’ve got looks, personality, smarts – I’m the whole package and I’m looking for a great place to call home. I’m fifteen years old and with good care I can live to about forty or even longer!! I have lots of good years left and lots of love and laughter to give to the right people. I was purchased out of the dire situation three years ago and a year after that I was relinquished to Parrot Partner for over-bonding and biting. Judy says that most people just don’t get us parrots and that lots more work is needed to educate people in how to care for us so we don’t over-bond and bite. I’ve come along way, if I do say so myself. Since coming to live at the aviary, I’ve hardly even bit once!

Please stop by and see me. I like meeting new people and I’d love to get to know you. If we like each other maybe we can begin to train together. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to train a parrot, Judy or one of our trained volunteers will show you, and I’m so smart I’m bound to make you look like a pro! If I have already won your heart, visit our ADOPTION PROCESS page.

Photos of Bella

Bella 1
Bella 2
Bella 3

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